Aishwarya Javalgekar
Aishwarya Javalgekar (she/her) is a feminist storyteller and storymaker from India.

Aishwarya is the Head of Content at Bound. She tells stories through her creative writing and research. She helps others tell their stories through her content and editing services.

She has a Masters in English (Public Texts) from Trent University and a Certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College, Canada. She studies books, myths, and films as modes of storytelling.

Sometimes she finds time to color her hair and update her closet.


Aishwarya writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and experiments with hybrid forms. Her writing focuses on identity, love, social norms, mental health and the body. Her pieces have been published in over 20 literary magazines and digital platforms.


Aishwarya’s research is personal and experiential and has a strong feminist lens. She explores the intersections of texts, gender, popular culture, and mythology. She has presented papers at conferences in India, Canada, and the US.


Aishwarya is a book editor. In addition to her formal training, Aishwarya has completed editorial internships at Zubaan Books in India and Simon and Schuster Canada. She is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of ang(st) zine.