My Work

I help people create stories that matter. I acquire, produce, and launch chartbusting stories and build loyal audiences.

I have a Certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College and have worked at Simon and Schuster Canada Zubaan Books in India. I have studied and worked with stories through books, myths, comics, videos, podcasts and zines.

As the Head of Content and Podcasts, I work with creators and businesses to create and launch stellar podcasts. In 2 years, my podcasts have 300+K listens and are trending in 30 countries.

Podcasts I have produced:

The Book People Podcast

A podcast and video series where I demystify the Indian publishing industry through conversations with editors, publicists, influencers, and entrepreneurs. I find answers to much-needed questions like: How are books published and marketed? Do you need a literary agent? Are e-books and audiobooks the next big thing?

10K+ listens. Trending in 3 countries.

Sayantan Ghosh, Senior Commissioning Editor at Simon and Schuster India

“For anyone interested in getting an informative and engaging glimpse into Indian publishing, ‘The Book People’ podcast could be an ideal place from where they can start. Aishwarya is a wonderfully witty and involved host, who is interested in collecting anecdotal evidence from various publishing professionals.” 

Aishwarya Bhatt, Software Engineer & Writer

“The topic of book publishing is like the Dark Web, but Aishwarya manages to peel back the layers to make it as transparent and as approachable as possible for a newbie author, who might be feeling the jitters thinking about getting their book published.”

Want To Know More About Publishing?

I have co-authored a document based on my own insights, research and conversations with industry experts. It highlights important trends in the Indian publishing industry over the last 10 years, significant changes that occurred during the pandemic and our predictions for the future.