Aishwarya Javalgekar

Aishwarya is a book editor with experience in publishing.

She has a Masters in English from Trent University and a Certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College, Canada. She has completed editorial internships at Zubaan Books in India and Simon and Schuster Canada. She offers manuscript evaluation and editing services and teaches publishing at Bound. She is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of ang(st) zine. She also demystifies Indian publishing through her interview series: The Book People.

Drop her an email at aishwarya.boundindia@gmail.com for enquiries.

Beta Reading

Get a fresh perspective on your manuscript with feedback on the structure, characters and themes.

Book Editing

This includes structural, line and copy editing services to get your book publishing-ready.


Aishwarya mentors writers and conducts online classes on editing and publishing.


Short Story Line Edit

Vaishali Kannan
Senior Technical Writer, Salesforce

Aishwarya did a wonderful job editing my short story. She even helped me tie a few loose ends together and pick a more meaningful title. All her edits were on point and her editorial comments were insightful.

Beta Reading: Short Story Collection

Chandrima Das
Author of ‘The Talking Dead’ and ‘Young Blood’ (upcoming)

It’s a rare and special feeling when an editor really ‘gets’ what you’re trying to do with your book. For me, Aishwarya was that editor. Her high-quality, detailed feedback on my manuscript was a testimony to both her keen editorial eye and her developed palate for horror fiction. Aishwarya was not prescriptive in her feedback, and did not overwhelm me with buckets of ‘dos and don’ts’ or easy solutions. Instead, she interrogated each story in my collection for what it was really trying to say. She pointed out places that needed more tightness, gaps that needed to be filled but also the windows that were better left open so the reader could breathe a little and think for themselves. She was kind enough to tell me what worked in the book, thus making sure that I did not dilute the essence of my work.

A book is never really finished, but a good editor can help bring it closer to the line. I know that when I will reread my published work, it will be with a wincing sense that it should have been better. But, thanks to the changes that stem from Aishwarya’s editorial feedback, I will surely wince a lot less.

Want To Know More About Publishing?

Demystifying Indian Publishing: Bound’s Industry Insights

Aishwarya has co-authored this free research document based on her experience and inputs from leading professionals such as publishers, editors, authors, and bookstore owners.

It highlights important trends in the Indian publishing industry over the last 10 years, significant changes that occurred during the pandemic and our predictions for the future.

The Book People Podcast

Aishwarya is the host and producer of ‘The Book People’, a podcast and video series where Aishwarya interviews experts from in and around the publishing industry. Get answers to questions like:

  • How are books published?
  • How are they marketed
  • How are books adapted for the screen?
  • Are ebooks and audiobooks the next big thing?