I edit manuscripts, demystify India’s publishing industry, and upskill writers and editors.

I have a Masters in English (Public Texts) from Trent University, a Certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College, and work experience at Simon and Schuster Canada and Zubaan Books in India.

I edit and evaluate books and help writers get their manuscripts ready to publish. I demystify India’s publishing industry my own video podcast, The Book People.

I’m a member of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), Maharashtra – Print Media Council and the founder and editor in chief of ang(st), a feminist zine.

Book Editing and Evaluation

Through comprehensive feedback and edits, I help writers reach the best version of their manuscript and get it ready to publish.

Mentoring and Upskilling

I help writers and editors upskill themselves and build their portfolio through a personalized one-on-one mentorship program and through group sessions and workshops.

Vaishali Kannan, Senior Technical Writer, Salesforce

“Aishwarya did a wonderful job editing my short story. She even helped me tie a few loose ends together and pick a more meaningful title. All her edits were on point and her editorial comments were insightful.”

Chandrima Das, Author of ‘The Talking Dead’ and ‘Young Blood’

“It’s a rare and special feeling when an editor really ‘gets’ what you’re trying to do with your book. For me, Aishwarya was that editor. Her high-quality, detailed feedback on my manuscript was a testimony to both her keen editorial eye and her developed palate for horror fiction.”

The Book People

How are books published and marketed? Do you need a literary agent? Are e-books and audiobooks the next big thing?

I demystify Indian publishing with the video podcast, The Book People. Through conversations with editors, publicists, influencers, and entrepreneurs, I bust myths and finds the answers to much-needed questions about the industry.

Sayantan Ghosh, Senior Commissioning Editor at Simon and Schuster India

“For anyone interested in getting an informative and engaging glimpse into Indian publishing, ‘The Book People’ podcast could be an ideal place from where they can start. Aishwarya is a wonderfully witty and involved host, who is interested in collecting anecdotal evidence from various publishing professionals.” 

Aishwarya Bhatt, Software Engineer & Writer

“The topic of book publishing is like the Dark Web, but Aishwarya manages to peel back the layers to make it as transparent and as approachable as possible for a newbie author, who might be feeling the jitters thinking about getting their book published.”

ang(st) zine

I am the founder and editor-in-chief of ang(st).

Started in April 2019, ang(st) explores the physicality of feminism — our relationships with our bodies, with society, and with other bodies. This is a space for marginalized voices and identities: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, differently abled, and other underrepresented feminist voices. We publish prose, poetry, visual art, and hybrid pieces.