Aishwarya has a Masters in English (Public Texts) from Trent University, Canada. Her undergraduate degree included a specialization in media with a minor in literary and cultural studies.

Aishwarya has always been interested in interdisciplinary research, particularly exploring the intersections of texts (books, comics, zines), gender, popular culture, and mythology. She has presented her research at conferences in India, Canada, and the US. Her research is personal and experiential, and attempts to blur the boundaries between artistic and research production. For instance, her zine ang(st) emerged from her creative research project on feminist zines.

Feminist Zines

Whose Zine is it Anyway: Subjectivity and Representation in Feminist Zines

Defining feminist zines and analyzing their claim of inclusivity and representation in paper and online formats.

2020: Featured by Trent University

2019: Paper presentation at Future Communications Conference at York University, Canada

2019: Paper presentation at the Trent University Colloquium

Comics and Graphic Novels

Real and Imagined Borders: The US-Canada Relationship in Border Studies

A study of ‘Canadianness’ and the US-Canada relationship in the comic series We Stand on Guard

2019: Paper presentation at the Robarts Graduate Conference, Canada

Myths, Media and Culture: A Study of Contemporary Mythological Narratives in Post-Colonial India

A chronological and thematic study of mythological adaptations in comic books, graphic novels, and animated films and series in India since 1947 to 2015.

2019: Paper presentation at Popular Culture Association’s national conference in Washington DC, USA

2016: Undergraduate research report at FLAME University, India


Finding the Postfeminist Gothic in Contemporary Canadian Commercial Fiction

Defining ‘postfeminist gothic’ and studying how it is used to heighten the ‘thrill’ in contemporary thriller fiction

2019: Graduate research paper at Trent University, Canada

Some of her undergraduate research papers are available here.