I am an interdisciplinary researcher who studies the intersections of texts (books, comics, zines), gender, popular culture, and mythology. This research has led to a variety of outputs like research papers and nonfiction articles, conference presentations, and the formation of a new feminist zine, ang(st).

I have a Masters in English (Public Texts) from Trent University, Canada and have been a peer reviewer for The Scattered Pelican university journal. My feminist articles have been included in the ‘Feminist Theatre’ course syllabus in the MA Women’s Studies Program by the University of Kerala and have been cited in papers published in the Indian Theatre Journal and Ruminations journal.

Research Focuses

Myths, Media and Culture: A Study of Contemporary Mythological Narratives in Post-Colonial India

A chronological and thematic study of mythological adaptations in comic books, graphic novels, and animated films and series in India from 1947 to 2015.

Research report at FLAME University, India. Paper presentation at Popular Culture Association’s national conference in Washington DC, USA.

Finding the Postfeminist Gothic in Contemporary Canadian Commercial Fiction

Defining ‘postfeminist gothic’ and studying how it is used to heighten the ‘thrill’ in contemporary thriller fiction. A graduate research paper at Trent University, Canada.

Whose Zine is it Anyway: Subjectivity and Representation in Feminist Zines

Are feminist zines as inclusive and intersectional as they claim to be? My research studies the evolution of zines and their current presence in both paper and digital formats.

Paper presentations at the Trent University Colloquium and at Future Communications Conference, York University, Canada. Featured by Trent University.

Real and Imagined Borders: The US-Canada Relationship in Border Studies

A study of the anxieties about climate change, the US-Canada relationship, and the Canadian identity as depicted in the comic series We Stand on Guard. Paper presentation at the Robarts Graduate Conference, Canada.