My Writing

My writing is strongly influenced by my experiences and feminism. My short stories, poems, personal essays, and research and opinion pieces have been published in over 30 magazines and platforms.

Through my research and articles, I analyze stories in different formats and study their impact on culture and society. My fiction and poetry explore the themes of identity, belonging, love, mental health, and the body.

Recently Published


Consumption | Re-side Zine

Slow Dance | Muse India

Milk-made | Mixed Mag

Deconstructed | Analogies and Allegories Magazine

name | Rigorous Magazine

chai/chia | Kreaxxxion Review

Bodyscape | Dust Poetry Magazine

Creative Non-fiction:

In Memoriam | Idle Ink

I say I dream about the future but I dream about the past | Perhappened Magazine

Short Fiction:

Second Encounters | The Incubator

Articles / Opinions:

Podcast recommendation | ArtNowThus Newsletter

10 Feminist Podcasts We Loved In 2021 | Feminism in India

Use of Puppetry in Children’s Programming at Doordarshan | Sahapedia

Feminist articles 2017-2018 | Feminism in India

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