Featured By Trent University

Aishwarya was featured on Trent University’s website for her graduate research on feminist zines. This creative research project resulted in 2 academic papers, 2 paper presentations, and the creation of ang(st) zine. Read about her experience here!

An Intersection of Passion and Purpose: Masters Student Researcher Publishes Her Own Feminist Zine

Aishwarya has an MA in English (Public Texts) from Trent University.

Launch of ang(st) zine

Aishwarya is the creator and editor-in-chief of ang(st): the feminist body zine.

ang(st) was founded in 2019 as a part of her graduate research at Trent University, Canada. It explores the physicality of feminism – our relationships with our bodies, with society, and with other bodies. Through a series of themes it aims to showcase how we interact with our bodies differently, and have diverse experiences and concerns. Most importantly, ang(st) is a space for marginalized voices and identities: bodies that are considered outside the realm of ‘normal’ and ‘able’.

ang(st) is published twice a year with short prose, poetry, and visual art pieces.